Preparazione Impasti



Paper/board machine approach systems

Well-proven in mills worldwide

Whether you produce printing and writing, packaging or tissue grades, coated or uncoated, you can rely upon advanced machine approach technology solutions from ANDRITZ. The paper machine approach system is an intrinsic part of the paper, board, or tissue production process. The systems must be highly integrated and work in harmony. ANDRITZ suggests improvements and modifying equipment for each new application. Our tailored design offers:

  • Minimal operating costs
  • Innovative concepts
  • Environmentally friendly processes and equipment
  • High availability with short maintenance and down-time

Key equipment

ANDRITZ has the applications experience to help select the key components for your approach system or can provide a complete system:

  • Deculator or ShortFlow de-aeration / Deculator e sistemi di disperazione
  • Cleaners / Cicloni
  • Headbox screens / Epuratori di testa macchina
  • Tray water receivers / Canali acque prime
  • Fiber recovery cleaners / Sistemi di recupero fibra
  • Piping, instrumentation, engineering, and automation / Ingegneria per tubazioni, strumentazione e automazione

Process benefits of the paper machine approach system / Vantaggi di un circuito di testa macchina ottimizzato

  • Clean stock to the headbox – no impurities / pulizia dell’impasto
  • Flows entering the headbox are completely or partially de-aerated / disperazione dell’impasto ottimale
  • Reduced grade change time / riduzione di tempi di cambio produzione
  • Completely clean approach process with polished surfaces / tutte le superfici lappate per una pulizia rapida ed efficiente
  • Minimized liquid volume / riduzione dei volumi di lavoro
  • Minimized recirculation / riduzione dei ricircoli
  • Stable process – no pulsations / stabilizzazione del processo, eliminazione delle pulsazioni